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2018 was a great year. Seriously, it was a really great year. I found myself playing alongside some of the most talented, genuine, and creative people in Nashville and beyond. Here’s a short rundown of the good things that have happened and a sneak peak at 2019!

Robben’s new record, “ Purple House ,” is available now!

Robben’s new record, “Purple House,” is available now!

Robben Ford

During the summer of 2017, I received an extremely fortuitous, if not downright terrifying, text asking if I’d want to play with Robben Ford. Yes. The answer was yes. We got together, ran through some tunes, and made plans to hit the road. Fast forward a year and I still find myself inspired, musically engaged, and extremely lucky to be playing with someone who is a true master of the guitar. Rounding out the band is one of my favorite drummers on the planet, Derrek Phillips, and the multi-talented, Grammy winning producer/engineer, Casey Wasner.

Please take a moment to check out the new record, “Purple House,” featuring yours truly. And, if it so happens that we are coming to a city near you, come on out to a show!

Craig Haller

This fine gentleman is a skilled songwriter, a talented producer, and an appreciator of the best things in life. After providing the bass grooves for his previous EP, Clicking Tocks (2017), we decided to join forces to co-produce his latest release, The New Album (2019). This project features six, cleverly written compositions that will be released as singles via digital platforms.

Check out the new single release, 30 Something!

Craig Haller , Nashville-based songwriter and producer

Craig Haller, Nashville-based songwriter and producer

Kyshona Armstrong

This soulful songstress is one of my best friends and favorite performers. Her powerful vocals and mindful songwriting will inspire you down to the core, not to mention the fact that she grooves harder than a mother. Check out her previous release, “The Ride 2.0,” and get ready for some new music in 2019.

Alicia Michilli

Alicia is an equally petite female with a big sound. Perhaps I gravitate towards people like that. In any case, her new record is groovy, soulful, and oh so enjoyable!

“ Letters From The Edge ” available now!

Letters From The Edge” available now!